International Journal of Hip Hop and Urban Culture




Technical Editing Instructions:


Contributions proposed to the Editorial Board should be written in MS Word format with 12-point Times New Roman font, with single line spacing; name, surname, academic rank, email contact, and university (if not part of an institution, name of the city); abstract, keywords, and references in 11-point font.


The contributions are to be printed in Macedonian, English, or any Slavic language.


The maximum length of the paper should be 45,000 characters.



Balkan Hip Hop Studies (BHHS) is published twice a year.


All papers are to be reviewed.


Authors are required to sign an author's statement.




Structural Editing


1. Title of the paper (in capital letters, centered, and bold).

2. Name and surname of the author (centered and bold).

3. Institution: the original name of the institution, or the name of the city if  the author(s) are not part of an institution, under the last name (centered and bold).

4. Author's email (centered).

5. Abstract in the language of the paper (justified).

6. Keywords in the language of the paper (justified).

7. Text (justified).

8. Title in English (centered and bold).

9. Name and surname of the author (centered and bold).

10. Abstract in English (justified).

11. Key words in English (justified).

12. References.



Do not use pagination!

If the paper has more than one author, the same rules apply.

References within the body of the paper.


The journal uses the following citation model:

(author, 2011: 50)


If multiple items by the same author and of the same year are cited, lowercase letters should be added:

(author, 2007a: 20-22)

(author, 2007b: 50-52)


Group publications with one editor – if the publication as a whole is referred to – are cited in the same way as single-author publications.






The sources in the references should be listed in alphabetical order and separated by the appropriate script (Cyrillic and Latin).


The referential units should be listed according to the following model:


a) books

Low, B. (2011). Slam School: Learning Through Conflict in the Hip-Hop and Spoken Word Classroom. Stanford University Press.


b) magazine articles

Long, Brittany L. (2022) "Hustle in H-Town: Hip Hop Entrepreneurialism in Houston". Journal of Hip Hop Studies: Vol. 9: Iss. 1, Article 5. Pp. 53-76.


c) online sources

Ковилоски, С. (2019). „Лоурајдер“.Написи/TabId/2099/ArtMID/4834/ArticleID/2111 Лоурајдер.aspx (Accessed on 15.5.2022 )


d) glossary/dictionary/lexicon

Sherman J. R. (ed.). (1997). African-American Poetry, An Anthology, 1773-1927. Mineola, New York: Dover Publications, Inc. Pp. 15.

Watts, Karen (compiler). (1994). 21st Century Dictionary of Slang. New York: Dell Publishing. Pp. 17.



For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the Editor-in-chief of BHHS:

Slavcho Koviloski, Ph.D.